Mapping of research skills

This research mapping system with its updatable database sets out the areas of expertise in research and innovation together with the facilities and application sectors of the UEB's institutions and partners. Players in the socio-economic world are thus more effectively directed towards the different research departments or technological platforms so as to promote the emergence of collaborative projects and high-tech services.

The interactive database has been created with the help of Ouest Valorisation and support from DIRECCTE and the Région Bretagne (Brittany Regional Council). The display of data on the Web, interfacing the Technéo portal (a national register of expertise in technological research developed by Bpifrance) enables expertise in regional institutions to be identified and located and thus to be promoted on a wider scale. This information can be accessed free of charge (subject to the integrity of the data and the acknowledgement of the source).

The expected results are as follows -

  • an increase in technology transfers,
  • the facilitation of collaborative projects,
  • the improved promotion of regional research

Enhancing the visibility of the laboratories’ expertise

The Technéo - Bpifrance portal gives access to information on research areas, fields of expertise, facilities, collaboration between the different research units, research teams, and technological platforms in Brittany.

The information is divided into 6 subject areas -

  • Agronomy, the environment, sustainable development
  • Biology, health
  • Languages and literature, humanities and social science, economics, law
  • Mathematics, information and communication science and technology
  • Matter, materials, and nanosciences
  • Marine science and technology

The completed registers of expertise are published, together with a search engine, on the Technosciences interface and on the Ouest Valorisation website, as well as Technéo - Bpifrance.

In total, there are over 400 registers of expertise, which are intended for use by manufacturers, local authorities, universities, higher education institutions and research centres, economic development bodies, research exploitation organisations, Cellule Europe centres for European research programme awareness, and university and private research laboratories.

Technosciences gives more visibility to the areas of expertise in Brittany's laboratories, thereby adding value to collective resources.