Continuing professional education (CPE)

Choose the UEB for its professional education

The UEB's member institutions are there to support you throughout your life and at every stage of your career. The UEB is one of the largest higher education and research hubs in France, and with its universities and grandes écoles it is organised so as to enable you to do the main courses on offer in Brittany.

By entrusting your professional education to the UEB -

  • you have access to recognised national degrees and diplomas which only the UEB's institutions are authorised to award
  • you can choose from a wealth of courses in all subject areas
  • you benefit from the expertise of lecturer/researchers who are carrying out groundbreaking research as well as from the practical experience of high-level professional contributors
  • you study thanks to sound teaching methods which incorporate digital technology

Develop professionally by keeping pace with the employment market

The knowledge and skills required to keep up with the job market are changing increasingly rapidly. Updating and upgrading knowledge and expertise is a major issue for employees and businesses.

To meet those requirements, the UEB's institutions have structured their CPE courses around several key aims -

Benefit from a network involved in continuing professional education

Continuing professional education is an integral part of lifelong learning, and is the key element in a knowledge-based economy.
Higher education and research have an important part to play in developing a knowledge-based society which is responsive to the business world.
The UEB's member universities and grandes écoles are developing and working closely with the main players in continuing professional education in Brittany - the Conseil Régional (Regional Council) and the various types of employment agencies and funding bodies.
All of these are working together to set up and promote a large number of constantly - evolving CPE courses.