Doctoriales®, meetings between young researchers and socio-economic players

For over 13 years, Doctoriales® Bretagne have enabled links to be forged between young researchers from higher educational institutions in Brittany and socio-economic players by showcasing on the one hand the quality of the teaching and the dynamic research in Brittany, and on the other, the knowledge acquired and skills developed by these young researchers during their degree course.

This seminar sets out to provide a friendly environment in which the PhD student can think about his skills and his personal and professional plan, and exchange ideas with the large number of players from the socio-economic world in order to achieve a better grasp of its contours and expectations and the opportunities it has to offer. Furthermore, the implementation of multimedia-video presentation sequences by the PhD students scheduled into the event represented a necessary change for the progress of a communication society already mentioned.

Doctoriales® are now a key event in Breton academic life and, thanks to the great diversity of disciplines represented, a showcase for research and innovation developed in Brittany for all socio-economic players.

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