Doing a PhD thesis in Brittany

The PhD: a unique professional experience

Training future managers of a society of knowledge and innovation through research.
The PhD represents a unique professional experience to prepare for different research-related jobs as well as the many senior executive jobs in a large number of socio-economic sectors.
The specialism of the research gives this experience added value. Conducting an original research project over three years means that you acquire sound scientific expertise and professional and personal skills which can be transferred to other jobs and other economic sectors.

A PhD student learns how to:

  • Deal with the unknown
  • Solve complex problems
  • Find, extract and quickly synthesize knowledge
  • Work out innovative solutions by combining different original strategies
  • Form networks
  • Work in a team
  • Manage time and resources and deal with problems

At the UEB, this experience is combined with vocational training courses. In being aware of the range of jobs accessible to him, the PhD student can work out a realistic career plan and, from among a diverse offer of continuing training courses made available to him, choose complementary courses which take into account his tastes and strengthen the coherence of his career plan.

Training programmes for professional integration

The UEB and the doctoral college in Brittany offer a diverse range of complementary training programmes for PhD students. They aim to improve PhD students' skills and support them in their career development. The next training programme brochure will be available soon

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