The UEB's missions

The UEB ensures the implementation of joint projects shared by all or some of its members within the subject areas of the missions for which it is responsible. These missions, which were originally set out in the governmental decree which created the UEB, have been added to and clarified by the UEB's Conseil d'Administration (Board of Governors). They currently concern the following areas-


Research and knowledge transfer

  • Project leader of the Ouest Valorisation (West RKT) company for promoting technology transfer
  • Operation and development of technosciences.ueb.eu (mapping of scientific and technological expertise in Brittany's laboratories)
  • Promotion of good practice in technological platforms

Doctoral training


  • Implementation of the UEB C@mpus project
  • Development and use of the Université des TICE (ICT in Education) concept
  • Experimentation with innovations and monitoring of use

Europe and international

Professional training and graduate employment